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Switch Five Nights at Freddy's : Help Wanted Survival-Horror/Compilation Steel Wool Games
Switch Paper Mario: The Origami King JRPG Nintendo / Intelligent Systems
Switch What The Golf? Arcade Triband
Switch WWE 2K Battlegrounds Catch Saber Interactive
Switch Collection Of Mana Compilation Square Enix
Switch The Coma 2 : Vicious Sisters Survival-Horror Devespresso Games
Switch The Coma : Recut Survival-Horror Devespresso Games
Switch Jump Force Combat en arènes Spike Chunsoft
Switch World War Z TPS multijoueur Saber Interactive
Switch Crysis Remastered FPS / Guerre Crytek
Switch Streets of Rage 4 Beat’em’up Dotemu / Lizardcube
Switch Bloodroots Action / Beat'em Up Paper Cult
Switch The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV J-RPG Nihon Falcom
Switch ACA NEOGEO Metal Slug 5 Action SNK Playmore
Switch ACA NEOGEO Metal Slug 4 Action Mega Enterprise
Switch ACA NEOGEO Ragnagard Combat System Vision
Switch ACA NEOGEO Ghost Pilots Shoot'em'up SNK
Switch ACA NEOGEO The Super Spy Action SNK
Switch ACA NEOGEO Ninja Combat Beat'em'up ADK
Switch Vigor TPS / Survie Bohemia Interactive
Switch Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Open-world / GTA-like Volition
Switch Mr. Driller DrillLand Action Bandai Namco
Switch Fuser Rythme Harmonix
Switch King's Bounty II RPG 1C Entertainment
Switch Star Wars Episode I: Racer Course LucasArts
Switch Catherine: Full Body J-RPG / Puzzle Atlus
Switch Ninjala Shooter / Battle Royale GungHo Online Entertainment
Switch Burnout Paradise Remastered Course Criterion Games
Switch 51 Worldwide Games Compilation de jeux et sports Nintendo
Switch XCOM 2 Collection Tactical-RPG 2K Games
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